1953 - 2023 precision springs for 70 years

This is one of the successful “Made in Italy” story and of a family with enterpreneurial values that has been able to turn Mollificio Mantovano into an important company both on the national and international level matching together commitment, passion and innovation for three generations.
The memories are in black and white when the founder Tonino Belladelli founded the company in 1953 that was a small mechanical workshop where springs were handmade. Thanks to its continuous growth and huge investments in high technologies Mollificio Mantovano is today a company developing on an area of covered 8000 square metres and it has made of the precision springs its mission.

Angelo Belladelli, President of Mollificio Mantovano says: “In these years there have been many important stages, results of a work carried out with passion and strong dedication that is today the  reason of a great satisfaction. We don’t stop here but with our 70 year experience we look to the future with a renewed impulse; a future that is not only our future but it’s even that of our clients, our collaborators, our partner and our territory.”

New enlargement with the building of a wide tooling department for the stamp developing. Today they are 8000 covered square metres


Mollificio Mantovano was founded in 1953 in Romanore (MN) in a small workshop, where the springs were manufactured on a manual lathe.



Angelo, son of the founder Tonino Belladelli, after completing his studies, entered the company , giving impetus to the business by purchasing the first mechanical machines for springs.



Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Angelo Belladelli and his wife Andreina Lasagna whose commercial management, give the impetus to the expansion of the activity and the consequent transfer to a new site in Palidano (MN)


Transfer to the new headquarters in Suzzara (MN) 10,000 square meters of which 4500 square meters covered. The third generation , Sara, and Alessandro, entered the company, driving a new commercial impulse towards foreign markets and giving the input to the creation of a new production sector, that of belt springs and internally built moulds.



Mollificio Mantovano is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.


New expansion with the acquisition of a confined plant for the storage of raw materials and finished products.



Massive investments in technological and productive renewal begin.Mechanical machines are scrapped and replaced and with CNC numerical control electronic machines.


Purchasing of an external automated warehouse of 800 square meters for the new production expansion.



The company is fully computerized at all levels thus transferring Mollificio Mantovano towards the industry 4.0


New production expansion that leads the company to occupy an area of 6000 square meters. covered.


New expansion with the construction of a large tooling for the production of moulds.
8,000 are the current covered square meters.